What Should You Check Your Roof For After A Big Hail Storm?

What Should You Check Your Roof For After A Big Hail Storm?

It’s no secret that houses, roofs especially, don’t always hold up well when going toe-to-toe with mother nature. After a big storm, how do you know if your roof is okay? At The Roofer Direct in Atlanta, we have over 40 years of roofing contractor experience. That means we’ve seen roof damage of all shapes and sizes.

Here are a few things you should check for after a hurricane or other large storm has potentially left you with a hail damaged roof. And if you are in the Atlanta area, contact us at The Roofer Direct to take advantage of our free roof inspection and take the guesswork out of roof repair.

Dented Gutters

It can sometimes be tough to tell if you have a hail damaged roof, but one of the things you can look for relatively easily is dents in your gutter. This is something that you can look for without actually getting on the roof, which makes it a common and popular way to check for hail damage roofs. When looking at your gutters, if you can spot any major dings or dents that weren’t there before, this might be a good indicator that you might need roof repair. If the force of the hail was enough to damage your gutters, it might have been a strong enough hail storm to do some roof damage.

This doesn't only apply to gutters and downspouts, however. You can also check other items on the property for dents and dings from hail damage. Things like mailboxes, windowsills, A/C units, cars, flowerbeds, and more can all be inspected from the ground for dents and damage. Chances are if these things have sustained heavy damage, the roof might have taken a beating as well. If you choose to get on the roof to take a closer look, check vents and chimney covers for signs of visible damage. We recommend always calling a roof repair expert to be certain if you are unsure.


Damage to the roof shingles is the sign that you have to be most careful of. Oftentimes, if you find that you have damaged shingles, there is very serious roof damage. Your shingles are the first line of defense. They are the only thing standing between your home and the cruel elements above. When shingles are damaged in a big storm, they can blow off, later on, leaving your roof unprotected. This can also eventually lead to your roof leaking later on or not lasting nearly as long as it would have if not addressed properly.

Some things to look for are if some shingles have already detached, they are cracked, or if there are granules in the gutters. The easiest more straight-forward indicator is checking for granules. Granules are very fine dust or sand-like material. Granules are the texture on your shingles that help protect your roof. If there are granules in your gutter, that means that they aren’t on the shingles, which means you likely need roof repair.

While there are many other roof repair signs you can look for, the two mentioned above are the most common, tried-and-true methods for determining if your roof has been damaged in a recent storm.

If there is ever any uncertainty, contact a roofing contractor like The Roofer Direct in Atlanta. We offer free roof inspection so you don’t have to be left wondering. We also provide roof repair, roof installation, hail damage repair, and other services to help get your home back to being safe again.


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